Comet X-Ray Tubes for NDT Applications

COMET manufacture a range of X-ray tubes for NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) applications and are represented by AXT in Australia. Comet supplies an extensive range of ceramic and metal ceramic x-ray tubes that are compatible across a wide range of instruments and applications. Their range of x-ray tubes includes portable units for NDT inspection and high power tubes up to 600kV suited to radiography, radioscopy, radiotherapy and computed tomography (CT).

Comet x-ray tubes- manufacturers of x-ray tubes

Comet x-ray tubes are manufactured for NDT/industrial applications such as:

•  Security inspection
•  Baggage inspection
•  Weld inspection
•  Pipe inspection
•  Aircraft inspection – civil and military
•  Power stations
•  Coatings
•  Screening application
•  Food inspection
•  Wheel inspection
•  Stationary inspection

Comet’s range of NDT x-ray tubes include:

Tube TypeOrdering NoFocal Spots (EN 12543)Terminal TypeTargetkVClick For Quote
Unipolar Ceramic Tubes
CXR-102915102.51d=2.0mmR10W100AXT request a quote
CXR-105915110.51d=3.0mmR10W100AXT request a quote
CXR-150915200.51d=2.0mmR24W100AXT request a quote
Unipolar Metal Ceramic Tubes
MXR-75/30915376.51d=5.5mmCA11W75AXT request a quote
MXR-75HP/20915377.51d=1.0mmCA11W75AXT request a quote
MXR-75HP/20 FB915380.51d=1.0mmCA11W75AXT request a quote
MXR-100/30915376.61d=5.5mmCA11W100AXT request a quote
MXR-100HP/20915377.61d=1.0mmCA11W100AXT request a quote
MXR-100/20 FB915380.61d=1.0mmCA11W100AXT request a quote
MXR-160/20915317.51d=1.0mm/d=1.0mmR24W160AXT request a quote
MXR-160HP/11915370.51d=0.4mm^/d=1.0mmR24W160AXT request a quote
MXRP-160C915311.51l=0.4mm/w=4.0mmR24W160AXT request a quote
MXR-160/21915302.51d=1.0mm/d=3.0mmR24W160AXT request a quote
MXR-160/22915301.51d=1.0mm/d=5.5mmR24W160AXT request a quote
MXR-225HP/11915371.51d=0.4mm^/d=1.0mmR24W225AXT request a quote
MXR-226915332.51D=7.5mmR24W225AXT request a quote
MXR-225/26915386.51d=1.2mm/d=5.0mmR24W225AXT request a quote
MXR-225/21915325.51d=1.0mm/d=3.0mmR24W225AXT request a quote
MXR-225/22915326.51d=1.0mm/d=5.5mmR24W225AXT request a quote
Bipolar Metal Ceramic Tubes
MXR-320/23915334.51d=1.9mm/d=3.6mmR24W320AXT request a quote
MXR-320/26915358.51d=3.0mm/d=5.5mmR24W320AXT request a quote
MXR-320HP/11915368.51d=0.4mm*/d=1.0mmR24W320AXT request a quote
MXR-320HP/11 FB915388.51d=0.4mm*/d=1.0mmR24W320AXT request a quote
MXR-421/26915366.55d=2.5mm/d=5.5mmR28W420AXT request a quote
MXR-451/26915366.51d=2.5mm/d=5.5mmR28W450AXT request a quote
MXR-451915704.51d.7.5mmR28W450AXT request a quote
MXR-451HP/11915369.51d=0.4mm*/d=1.0mmR28W450AXT request a quote
MXR-452/Y915344.55d=2.5mm/d=5.5mmR28W450AXT request a quote
MXR-600HP/11915378.51d=0.4mm*/d=1.0mmR30W600AXT request a quote

*Threshold 25%
^Threshold 30%