X-Ray Tubes for Medical Applications

X-rays and radiography have been an integral part of medicine for many years. The technique provides a fast and simple way to image inside the human body without the invasiveness of surgery. Such is the versatility of the technique that it can be used to detect problems such as broken bones all the way through to diseases such as tuberculosis and cancer in the hands of a skilled radiographer.

Radiographic labs are reliant on their equipment and its ability to perform reliably day in and day out. At the heart of the medical x-ray machine is the x-ray tube. These items have a finite life span and need to be replaced periodically.

Varex Imagaing (formerly Varian Medical Systems) diagnostic X-ray tubes have a reputation for manufacturing high quality, long-life tubes. They meet specific customer requirements, enabling diagnostic systems to accommodate more procedures per hour while maintaining superior image quality.

AXT recognise the importance of your x-ray equipment to your business and to your patients and will work with you to source and supply replacement x-ray tubes as quickly as possible to ensure you experience the minimum possible downtime. We also recommend that as your x-ray tube ages, you keep a spare tube in stock to ensure the shortest possible disruption to your business.

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x-ray tubes for medical applications from AXT

x-ray tubes for medical applications from AXT

AXT are able to supply Varex Imaging X-ray tubes for medical applications to suit x-ray machines from all major manufacturers as well as replacement tubes from other x-ray tube manufacturers such as:

•  Comet
•  CGR
•  Dunlee
•  Elscint
•  Eureka
•  General Electric
•  Philips
•  Picker / Marconi
•  Shimadzu
•  Siemens
•  Toshiba