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Varian NDT X-Ray Tubes

Varian manufactures a line of industrial x-ray tubes for applications in non-destructive testing (NDT), x-ray inspection, baggage screening, and thickness gauging. The company’s NDT product line consists of a broad range of glass and ceramic X-ray tubes providing a variety of target angles, focal spots, and power capabilities. For inspection applications that require different imaging parameters, Varian offers dual and single focus x-ray tubes with small focal spots for high-resolution imaging. In addition, Varian offers x-ray tubes with Beryllium (Be) windows for low inherent filtration.

The Varian NDT x-ray tube range consists of metal-ceramic tubes as follows:

Part NoDescriptionTarget MaterialPower RatingClick For Quote
NDI-160NDI-160/20W160kVAXT request a quote
NDI-160/21W160kVAXT request a quote
NDI-160/22W160kVAXT request a quote
NDI-161W160kVAXT request a quote
HPX-160HPX-160/20W160kVAXT request a quote
HPX-160/11W160kVAXT request a quote
NDI-225NDI-225/20W225kVAXT request a quote
NDI-225/21W225kVAXT request a quote
NDI-225/22W225kVAXT request a quote
NDI-225/FBW225kVAXT request a quote
HPX-225HPX-225/11W225kVAXT request a quote
NDI-320NDI-320/23W320kVAXT request a quote
NDI-320/26W320kVAXT request a quote
NDI-321W320kVAXT request a quote
NDI-450NDI-451W320kVAXT request a quote
NDI-452W320kVAXT request a quote

Varian analytical and industrial x-ray tubes distributed worldwide exclusively by AXT-Including Varian NDT X-ray tubes